Internet Retailing Expo 27 - 28 April 2016 NEC birmingham
Internet Retailing Expo 2017


International & Cross Border
  International & Cross Border will showcase strategies for overcoming significant challenges of planning, establishing and growing retail operations in multiple countries. Hear how UK retailers are evaluating the risk of entering new territories and taking advantage of growth opportunities in both established and emerging international markets.

27 April, Theatre 3

10.05 - 10.35


Opening Keynote Address: Achieving Growth through Online Marketplaces

The proliferation of online marketplaces has changed how retailers and consumers sell and purchase goods, and challenged traditional models for retail growth. How can customer-centric retailing through international, online places be achieved? What advantages and disadvantages do online marketplaces have over traditional bricks and mortar retailers? What can traditional retailers learn from global marketplaces about customer buying preferences and product demand?

Dieter Kindl, CEO, Rakuten Austria


    10.40 - 11.10


    Global Expansion – top tips from a retail trailblazer

    Understanding the strategies, pitfalls and rewards of international growth and market entry can be the difference between success and failure – what models, which channels and where are the biggest geographical opportunities? How can cultural, regulatory, technological barriers impact planning.

    Kieran Clinton-Tarestad, Global Head of eCommerce, GANT


    11.15 - 11.45


    Payments as a Route to International Expansion

    Hear first hand how a marketplace connecting shoppers to retailers in 23 countries, growing at an impressive 200% year-on-year, and dubbed by Retail Week as an "eBay in the making" is using payments as a route to international expansion.

    Glen Richardson, Chief Marketing Officer, Fruugo


    12.30 - 13.10


    Panel Discussion: A Deep Dive into the Successful Business Models Driving International Expansion

    The global retail playground is rife with opportunity and retailers are harnessing a vast array of business models to build their international presence, including joint ventures, direct sales and wholesale. What’s right for your business? Does one size fit all?

    Kelly Kowal, Global Growth Director at

    Rob Pye, Global eCommerce Director, ghd

    Steven Hope, Senior eCommerce Adviser, UK Trade & Investment


    13.15 - 13.45


    The changing retail landscape and the importance of a DMP

    The retail landscape has changed significantly over the past century, in this session we review the key milestones and some of the core challenges today as consumers move between devices and how the in store experience is evolving. How can retailers take advantage of the new opportunities using a Data Management Platform (DMP)?

    James Trudgian, Head of Strategy, Data and Insight, EMEA, Adobe


    14.45 - 15.15


    International eCommerce – How Smaller Retailers Can Create Ripples (and Storms) in Global Waters!

    Is big always better? How are smaller retailers using the best of online to drive growth and what obstacles need to be overcome for them to go head to head with the big guys?

    Kate Smyth, Director of eCommerce, Dune Group


    15.20 - 15.50


    Closing Keynote Address: Cashing in on International Growth Opportunities in China

    Online shopping is a lifestyle for Chinese consumers…..and all eyes are on China and the retail growth opportunities available in this retail hotspot! Hear first hand, from a leading industry protagonist and expert on China ,how to do business in this lucrative growth area – what do customer’s really want and how can you hone your business strategy for the competitive edge?

    Mark Millar, Author, Global Supply Chain Ecosystems & Visiting Lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University