Internet Retailing Expo 27 - 28 April 2016 NEC birmingham
Internet Retailing Expo 2017


Insight & Experience
  The digital revolution has precipitated a massive shift in retail. Customers now have the freedom to shop from the comfort of their home with a phone, laptop, tablet and other devices. Insight and Experience will explore the best practice to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds for a seamless and memorable customer experience.


10.40 - 11.10


Opening Keynote Address: Learn how Leading Brands – SAP, Google, Brand Networks – Deliver Winning Customer Experiences in the Digital Economy

Today’s digital economy permeates our lives both personally and professionally. As consumers we not only expect a seamless customer experience between the physical and digital worlds, we demand it. Learn how leading technology companies are helping businesses create new breakthrough strategies and services to deliver a winning customer experience. Hear directly from the experts on how they make it possible for retailers to have the right insights and analysis, available at their fingertips, and how they are able to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

EJ Jackson, SVP and GM, SAP Anywhere

Pankaj Dugar, Head of ISV Partnerships, Google

Wayne St. Amand, CMO, Brand Networks


    11.15 - 11.45


    The Rise of the 'Now Generation', their Unreasonable Expectations and How it Threatens Retail

    Mobile speeds and apps have changed buying behaviour in a way that is fundamental - consumers have no patience and are not prepared to plan. If retailers are not armed with the ability to respond to the anytime, anywhere demands, buyers will go elsewhere. How can retailers win success in this new and dynamic market?

    Mat Braddy, Founder, Rock Pamper, Scissors


    11.50- 12.20


    Perfecting Personalisation – it’s not as easy as it looks!

    Levi Young and Dana Zingher are co-Founders of men's online clothing service Enclothed and survivors of Dragons' Den. They will share their thoughts on the importance of personalisation to their business and how their commitment to placing it at the core of everything they do has helped to shape Enclothed, building it from a small start-up into a highly successful enterprise. More retailers are investing in personalisation to boost conversion but what are the challenges of delivering truly personalised content at the right time, in the right place across different channels? How can customer insights be used to create more personalised experiences and what impact does this have on conversion rates? What does perfect personalisation look like?

    Levi Young & Diana Zingher, Founders, Enclothed


    13.05 - 13.45


    Panel Discussion: Thinking Beyond Channels to Deepen Brand Connections

    Shoppers don’t think in vertical, channel-specific silos, and neither should retailers! Customers don’t shop channels, they shop brands! How is multichannel changing the way that retail operations are structured to guarantee one brand and level of service across multiple touch points and channels? How can bricks and clicks be harmonised to shape more positive customer and brand experiences?

    Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of eCommerce, Schuh

    Mat Braddy, Founder, Rock Pamper, Scissors

    Glen Richardson, Chief Marketing Officer, Fruugo


    14.45 - 15.15


    Single Customer View Demystified – Beyond the Technology, Do Customers Behave in a Consistent and Measureable Way?

    Reaching audiences needs to become smarter for retailers hoping to cut through the clutter in an increasingly competitive market. Understanding the series of interactions customers have with brands are helping to reap significant benefits. Why is it necessary for retailers to manage the entire customer experience? How can journey mapping increase loyalty, ROI and customer satisfaction? Is SCV outdated?

    Paul Kendrick, Multichannel Director, Bonmarche


    15.20 - 15.50


    Closing Keynote Address: 6 Changes in the Experience Ecosystem that Puts Retailing into our Customers’ Hands”

    In this presentation Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief of InternetRetailing, will review recent developments in the app environment, smart home automation, brands selling direct and the digital store experience that change our notion of what it means to be ‘in retail’. This rapid round-up of thought-provoking changes will give some food for thought at the end of a stimulating day.

    Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief, InternetRetailing