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IRX 2016 – InternetRetailing Expo
Internet Retailing Expo 27 - 28 April 2016 NEC birmingham
Internet Retailing Expo 2017

GIOSG, 27 April

Intelligent targeting: tactics for reducing shopping cart abandonment in an online store

  • Location: Room 1 | Time: 13.00 - 14.00


  • Immo Salonen, Senior Vice President - Global Sales, Giosg

  • Ilkka Vertanen, Director - Retail & E-commerce, Giosg


The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69%. This means that almost three out four people who have found what they are looking for at your online store, get cold feet on the last meters. In a physical world, store owners would be devastated if 70% of customers on the checkout queue were to drop their baskets on the floor and leave the store before reaching the cashier.

This workshop focuses on the ways to recognize online store visitors who are likely to abandon their shopping cart and brainstorms ideas how to convince these shoppers to complete the checkout.

By participating this workshop, you will get:


  1. Understanding of the main reasons why visitors abandon shopping carts online
  2. Ideas how to recognize visitors who are about to abandon shopping cart, before it happens
  3. Tactics to prevent shopping cart abandonment through personalized actions


Website: www.giosg.com