Internet Retailing Expo 27 - 28 April 2016 NEC birmingham
Internet Retailing Expo 2017

Trusted Shops, 27 April

A multichannel approach to trust and customer reviews

  • Location: Room 1 | Time: 14.00 - 15.00


  • Nicolo Marchetto, International Key Account Manager, Trusted Shops

  • Nicolo Marchetto, International Key Account Manager, Trusted Shops


95% of marketers agree that a multi-channel strategy that allows them to target customers is important for their organisation. If you are planning or already executing a multichannel strategy, make sure that customer and product reviews are an important part of it. When correctly integrated across channels, customer feedback enables you to boost traffic and conversion, whilst helping you retaining your loyal customers.


Join this workshop if you wish to find an answer to these questions: What are the best practices for collecting customers’ feedback in-store? Do you already collect customer or product reviews but you are not sure how to optimise their presence across your different channels? How can you use customer reviews to improve your customer retention?


Liane Foerster