Internet Retailing Expo 27 - 28 April 2016 NEC birmingham
Internet Retailing Expo 2017

Virtual Logistics, 28 April

How Gen M is revolutionizing omnichannel retail forcing businesses to change: A look at trends and how to take advantage of these trends in the next 3 years

  • Location: Room 1 | Time: 11.00 - 12.00


  • Robin H. Smith, Co-founder and GM of Sales & Marketing

  • Robin H. Smith, Co-founder and GM of Sales & Marketing


In the next three years, the retail landscape will be almost unrecognizable. We will have Gen M and Gen Z to thank for these changes. For the first time, Gen M (Millennials) and Gen Z (Post Millennials) are pulling the preceding
generations forward with their retail likes and dislikes, enabled by the internet and their attachment to mobile. This session examines how the Gen M and Gen Z search for authentic experience is changing businesses from the supply chain upward. With experience becoming central to any retail business’ success, VL looks at how generating a fulfilling customer experience time after time in the retail sphere starts with backend omnichannel data integration through discussion of best practices.


Robin H. Smith


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